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Pumky.aiCreate, Share, Play: Where Every Filter is an Adventure!

Welcome to Pumky, your go-to destination for endless fun and creativity with AI filters! Pumky is more than just an AI photo app – it's a vibrant community where you can create, share, and enjoy. Dive into a world where creating your own AI filters is as easy as a few clicks, and sharing them with friends is part of the daily excitement. With Pumky, every filter you craft becomes an adventure, an opportunity to connect, laugh, and explore with those who matter most.

About Us : OFF

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We enable the digital persona that anyone can express themselves freely in digital world.


At OFF, we envision a world where creativity and technology blend seamlessly, redefining the art of digital interaction. Our vision is to pioneer a playful digital landscape where everyone can express themselves uniquely. Through Pumky, we see a future where AI-enhanced filters are not just tools, but gateways to endless imagination, transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences. We're dedicated to leading the charge in this new era of creative expression and digital connectivity.


Driven by the belief that everyone is an artist at heart, OFF's mission is to democratize creativity through cutting-edge AI technology. Pumky embodies this mission by offering an intuitive platform for users to craft, share, and enjoy AI-powered filters. Our commitment is to empower users to unleash their creativity effortlessly, fostering a community where innovation meets playfulness. By integrating advanced AI with user-friendly design, we aim to make digital creativity accessible to all, inspiring users to explore, connect, and create in ways never before possible.

Our Culture